AstroLite A6001A (Miniature Fiber Spectrometer)


AstroLite A6001A Series

A6001A is an economic compact spectrometer with high resolution.
A6001A can be used to measure absorbance, transmittance, florescence, and emission.



 Specification at a glance

* Wavelength range: 350-1,100 nm (User configured)
* Optical resolution:​ 0.35-4 nm FWHM
* Integration time: 4 ms to 10 sec
* Dimensions: 94 mm×60 mm×34.5 mm​


  High performance spectrometer 


AstroLite 6001A Series

Spectral range (detector response)

350-1,050 nm, 750-1,100 nm (Standard) 

Optical resolution (FWHM)

0.35-4 nm

Fiber connector



TOSHIBA TCD1304 3648 pixels Linear CCD 

Pixel size

8 μm×200 μm 

Signal-to-noise at full signal


A/D resolution

16 bit

Integration time

4 ms-10 s 

Dynamic range single collection


 Trigger modes

3 modes (software, hardware, synchronous) 

Power consumption

250 mA @ 5 VDC 

Operating temperature

5℃-35℃ (25℃) 


USB 2.0 (12 Mbps) / RS232 (115,200 bps)  

 Operating system

Windows 7, Windows 10 

 Fixing holes

4 of M3 fixing holes in the bottom
2 of M3 fixing holes in the rear 

 Power supply

USB 2.0 


94 mm×60 mm×34.5 mm 


300 g



 A6000 is used to measure absorbance, transmittance, florescence, and emission. 


▶  Absorbance/Transmittance

- Concentration of chemicals, food, and water
- Concentration of solid samples

▶ Fluorescence/Reflectance


- Biology monitoring
- Waste water analysis
- Color of paper, textile, and oil


 Emission spectrum
- Plasma monitoring 
- In-Situ monitoring 
- Sun, LED, Laser, and various light


 Measurement results 



Hg lamp spectrum​ 



Solar Spectrum


Transmittance spectrum